HERMES | Linear Winged Pendant


HERMES Linear Winged Pendant is an artistically designed modern LED suspension lighting fixture that is ideal for retrofit and new construction architectural solutions such as libraries, hotels, offices, retail outlets, restaurants, and more. Reflected from the ceiling, Hermes creates soft and diffused lighting that ensures maximum visual comfort and balanced shadows. It can be installed individually or in a continuous line as this fixture has connection options but can also efficiently operate on its own.


• Performance engineered optical lens assembly delivers unique beam angles and reduces glare
• Connectible fixture options
• White painted parts are treated with a five-stage
phosphate bonding process and finished with high
reflectance baked enamel
• Meets current lighting demands for computer screens
meeting low brightness/glare control needs
• High quality LED Chips provide high efficiency, heat
dissipation, stability, and lumen maintenance