PROMETHEUS-1 | Area Light


The PROMETHEUS-1 Area Light product family features
a slim modern profile optimized for local parking lots,
walkways, roadways, façade lighting, and other public
areas. The PROMETHEUS-1 Area Light family also has optional features
beyond the norm of conventional street lighting, such as
photocontrol, sensor, and photometry as per application.
The PROMETHEUS features an integral universal mounting
mechanism that allows the luminaire to be mounted on
most existing drill hole patterns while providing labor
savings. An easy-access door on the bottom of mounting
arm allows for wiring without opening the electrical
compartment. An adjustable integral slip-fitter is also


• A compact, one piece die-cast housing
• Heat sink that is included in the actual casting, further
minimizing the need for additional parts
• Optional photocontrol allows for further energy saving
• Optional PIR sensor allows for security and energy
• Standard arm mount design with an integral arm,
increasing strength and simplifying installation