SPARTAN | Floodlight


The SPARTAN luminaire is a high-performance floodlight that guarantees both superior illumination and low operational cost. Equipped with a superior light engine, SPARTAN is ideal for a variety of interior and exterior applications including, but not limited to, parking
lots, exterior walkways, office complexes, and internal roadways. SPARTAN also features a slim, rugged cast- aluminum housing that minimizes wind load requirements, and an internal, watertight LED driver compartment, as well as high-performance aluminum heat sinks.


Available in 15W & 27W (small), 45W & 60W (medium), and 70W, 90W and 100W (large)
Housing, electrical compartment, and fitter are all made from die-cast aluminum
Scalable Lumen Packages from 1,950 to 13,300 Lumens.
Optics (NEMA Type): 7H*6V
Lifespan of 100,000 hours